Ways To Save When Planning a Wedding on a Budget

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Planning a wedding is filled with ideas, choices and of course costs.  Your dream wedding could begin to be costly and stressful.  Attention to detail can often add expense but if careful could also cut cost and save money.

7 Ways to Save When Planning a Wedding on a Budget


The venue chosen for your wedding can greatly determine the style and feel of your wedding.  When considering your venue look closely at the pallet it creates.

Will many elements need to be brought in to create the feel and look you are going for?

Try to find a location that you will only need to enhance instead of building from the ground up.  This saves on budget and also cuts down on setup time.

Also consider what is included in the venue price such as tables, chairs and backdrops.

And when searching for venues think outside the box for uncommon places.  This not only adds a unique aspect to your wedding but also could be considerably lower priced.


When attention is paid to the lighting, glow can make everything look more expensive and cut cost when decorating.  Examine what overhead structure is available.  Hang chandeliers, lanterns or strung lights above the area casting a beautiful glow and instant elegance.

If no structure is available try adding candles to centerpieces.  This also adds an instant lighting effect to illuminate the tables and keeps expense down.


Flowers are such an important part of every wedding and a considerable portion of the budget.

Centerpieces can eat up a good part of the flower budget fairly quickly.  Instead of every centerpiece a full bouquet of flowers maybe add extra elements such as candlesticks with few loose flowers.   Another trick try adding more greenery which is much cheaper than most flowers.

You could also consider artificial flowers.  Many silk flowers look and feel just like the real thing and at a fraction of the cost.

Silk flowers also don’t wilt or brown so they stay beautiful for your special day.


Display your cake on a pedestal plate.  The added height and detail will give a more expensive look to a smaller simpler cake.

Also use a pub/cocktail height table to add drama to the smaller cake. Use a few single flowers to decorate the cake which adds elegance and saves on the budget.

Cut cost by having the smaller cake for official cutting display and serve separate ordered sheet cake to your guests.


Couples get married every day and have items from their wedding ready to pass on to others.  Craigslist, garage sells and thrift stores are great locations to look for gently used wedding items.

Also look for furniture pieces with structure you are wanting and repaint or refinish for the head table, sign in table or other pieces to stretch the wedding budget.

Those special pieces could be used in your new home together after as well making it a worthwhile investment.


One of the most powerful and inexpensive ways to make the wedding venue your own is by adding large 3 feet by 4 feet black and white photographs of the happy couple around the space.  This draws the eye and decorates your venue by keeping cost down.


A great portion of budget will be used for the food served.  Consider having a buffet style to eliminate serving expense.

Also to serve smaller bite items and smaller plates will cut down on the amount of food your guests each have.

Also presenting the silverware wrapped in the napkin even if you use paper napkins adds a more elegant look without additional expense.

Display food presentation on different levels and heights.  This adds a look of expense and elegance to the food.


These are areas where you can save when planning a wedding on a budget.  If you are on a tight budget then take some extra time to plan and think outside the box in order to find those areas where you can save, yet still make the wedding a beautiful event.

Wedding Lighting Ideas

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While planning all the many details of your wedding don’t forget to address lighting.  Chandeliers, lanterns, candles, hanging glass jars, string lights, up lights, the choices for wedding lighting are endless.  Lighting can add a large amount of ambiance.  Soft glow can instantly create a romantic classy atmosphere.  It adds richness to your decor as well as adding magical twinkle to the evening.   Everyone looks better in soft lighting.

Chandeliers dripping with crystals produce dramatic sophistication as well as elegance. A canopy ceiling of lights transform a space into a glistening elegant affair.  Hanging clusters of mason jars add soft charm to a rustic wedding.  Lanterns hanging at various heights from trees or other landscape create an outdoor wonderland.   Lighting can instantly add a wow factor and truly accentuate all the wedding decor.  Lighting can add focus on locations and items you want to spotlight such as the ceremony arch or the head table.

Candles come in many options.  You could add large pillar candles, slim tapers, small pillars or tea lights to tables and serving areas.  The glow instantly adds softness and is fairly inexpensive to do.

Think outside the box for types of containers to place your candles in.  The most common of course is different candlesticks but you could place them in vases or small holders.  Many venues don’t allow flame candles anymore.  Now every size and type of candle comes in a flameless version.  These are beautiful and can be used for a long time.  Flameless also eliminates the worry of catching your dress on fire or a guest knocking over a lit candle.

Many stores sell flameless candles but my favorite can be found at Joann Fabric.  The shape is clean and could be used in a modern wedding or a casual.  The flicker they give off is very natural and looks similar to true burning candles.  And don’t forget your coupon making them very affordable as well!

Ceiling canopy lights bring the decor all the way to the ceiling.  Make sure to use white strands with clear lights for a clean elegant look.  Stringing them cafe style adds flare without the need to add too many stands.  Christmas lights work wonderfully but remember to purchase them early in the Christmas season.  Most stores stock their Christmas items early fall time.  Remember to only hook 4 strands together at a time.  More per outlet could short out your lights and cause stress ruining the look you are trying to achieve.

So as you plan your big day don’t forget to add lighting to give your wedding that WOW factor!

Wedding Planning Tips – Inspiration is All Around You

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During the wedding planning process many choices need to be made relating to your colors and style.  Once these choices are made a particular direction can be taken to arrive at your perfect dream event.  But often the choice of colors and style are not easily made.  Many brides find confusion when it comes time to determine the direction the wedding will go.  Important questions to get you started would be: “What around you makes you smile? And what catches your eye and makes an impact for you?”

Our next wedding planning tip is Inspiration is All Around You.

My family and I just recently returned from a vacation to Disneyland.  Inspiration flowed from everywhere from Minnie Mouse house curtains to the details in Maters Junkyard Jamboree.  Many of the places we went and the wonderful things we saw created ideas and vision.  While staying in an Embassy Suites in California many of the hotel details caught my eye.  Displayed in the main hall of the hotel was a wall of beautiful clean crisp silver and white mirrors.   The mirrors were beautiful and could inspire your color scheme as well as inspire the style and feel of the event.

The simple beauty of the mirrors could be a signature piece to inspire a silver white and crystal place setting. (more…)

Vintage Furniture and Fancy Farmgirls

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A big thank you to the Fancy Farmgirls for working with us to incorporate some of their pieces into our recent vintage barn wedding.  Not only do they have beautiful décor but they are a lot of fun to work with.  Even better, their fall sale is coming up October 12th and 13th where you can buy pieces similar to what you see in our vintage wedding gallery!  Thanks for the great inspiration (and hard work) girls!

Bouquet Breakdown – The Katie Bouquet

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The bridal bouquet happens to be one of my favorite parts of the wedding.  They come in all shapes and sizes depending on the vision of the bride.  The bouquet can have a large impact on the overall style of your wedding.  Your flowers are an extension of your accessories on your big day.  There are several different kinds of bouquets.

I begin with handheld.  This style of bouquet has all of the flower stems close together to create a handle which you hold.  The handle can be all green stems showing or ribbon can be wrapped to cover the stems.

Introducing the Katie Bouquet.  Beautiful, soft and elegant describe this bouquet.  All white flowers create a clean classy palette.  The Katie Bouquet was inspired by a black crystal chandelier signature piece.  The crisp white flowers against the black wrapped ribbon handle produce the dramatic contrast all through the wedding décor.   Mini rhinestone pins among the flowers and the rhinestone brooch on the handle adds bling to the bouquet.  White hydrangeas, peonies, calla lilies, roses as well as anemones together create soft elegance.   The black centers of the anemones add the black color throughout in a natural way. (more…)

Wedding Planning Tips – Pick Something You Love

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You have just said “Yes”.  Now what do you do?  Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life.  There is no need to panic.  How do you make it the best it can be?  Join me and I will lead you with wedding planning tips and information to help you create the perfect day.  The wedding, and the event you create, will be a reflection of you as a couple and a celebration of your new life together.  Let me help you, inspire you and help you create the wedding of your dreams.

Wedding Planning Tip #1 – Pick Something You Love

To begin your wedding planning journey, pick something you love.  If you will find a signature piece it can send you in the direction to set the theme, feel, colors, or style of the wedding.  This item can tell a story and carry a strong presence.  That special piece might be the bouquet, the dress, a centerpiece or even an accessory such as a feather or a chandelier.

Here is an example: