Wedding Planning Tips – Inspiration is All Around You

Posted by on Oct 16, 2012

During the wedding planning process many choices need to be made relating to your colors and style.  Once these choices are made a particular direction can be taken to arrive at your perfect dream event.  But often the choice of colors and style are not easily made.  Many brides find confusion when it comes time to determine the direction the wedding will go.  Important questions to get you started would be: “What around you makes you smile? And what catches your eye and makes an impact for you?”

Our next wedding planning tip is Inspiration is All Around You.

My family and I just recently returned from a vacation to Disneyland.  Inspiration flowed from everywhere from Minnie Mouse house curtains to the details in Maters Junkyard Jamboree.  Many of the places we went and the wonderful things we saw created ideas and vision.  While staying in an Embassy Suites in California many of the hotel details caught my eye.  Displayed in the main hall of the hotel was a wall of beautiful clean crisp silver and white mirrors.   The mirrors were beautiful and could inspire your color scheme as well as inspire the style and feel of the event.

The simple beauty of the mirrors could be a signature piece to inspire a silver white and crystal place setting.  The silver and white contrast as well as the reflective element could inspire chandeliers or hanging crystals.

Inspiration could also come from the happiest place on earth, Disneyland. Even in the restrooms details are in abundance at Disneyland.  Restrooms near the castle had this beautiful black and white tile with striking red heart pattern.

This detail could be inspiration for a black and white wedding.  The pattern could inspire use of a pattern such as black and white damask.   Red accents would add the impact the hearts created in the tile.  Just beautiful no wonder the queen wanted the roses painted red!

As you begin on your wedding planning journey look around you and find inspiration in the places as a couple you have visited, items that inspire you or details that make you smile.