Wedding Lighting Ideas

Posted by on Aug 10, 2013

While planning all the many details of your wedding don’t forget to address lighting.  Chandeliers, lanterns, candles, hanging glass jars, string lights, up lights, the choices for wedding lighting are endless.  Lighting can add a large amount of ambiance.  Soft glow can instantly create a romantic classy atmosphere.  It adds richness to your decor as well as adding magical twinkle to the evening.   Everyone looks better in soft lighting.

Chandeliers dripping with crystals produce dramatic sophistication as well as elegance. A canopy ceiling of lights transform a space into a glistening elegant affair.  Hanging clusters of mason jars add soft charm to a rustic wedding.  Lanterns hanging at various heights from trees or other landscape create an outdoor wonderland.   Lighting can instantly add a wow factor and truly accentuate all the wedding decor.  Lighting can add focus on locations and items you want to spotlight such as the ceremony arch or the head table.

Candles come in many options.  You could add large pillar candles, slim tapers, small pillars or tea lights to tables and serving areas.  The glow instantly adds softness and is fairly inexpensive to do.

Think outside the box for types of containers to place your candles in.  The most common of course is different candlesticks but you could place them in vases or small holders.  Many venues don’t allow flame candles anymore.  Now every size and type of candle comes in a flameless version.  These are beautiful and can be used for a long time.  Flameless also eliminates the worry of catching your dress on fire or a guest knocking over a lit candle.

Many stores sell flameless candles but my favorite can be found at Joann Fabric.  The shape is clean and could be used in a modern wedding or a casual.  The flicker they give off is very natural and looks similar to true burning candles.  And don’t forget your coupon making them very affordable as well!

Ceiling canopy lights bring the decor all the way to the ceiling.  Make sure to use white strands with clear lights for a clean elegant look.  Stringing them cafe style adds flare without the need to add too many stands.  Christmas lights work wonderfully but remember to purchase them early in the Christmas season.  Most stores stock their Christmas items early fall time.  Remember to only hook 4 strands together at a time.  More per outlet could short out your lights and cause stress ruining the look you are trying to achieve.

So as you plan your big day don’t forget to add lighting to give your wedding that WOW factor!